Astrology For May 2022 - Horoscope For Cancer

It's a big month! On April 30, there will be two eclipses, one will be a solar eclipse in Taurus that will last for six months or more.

In the second eclipse, you will experience a total eclipse of the moon (lunar full moon eclipse) around the time when it occurs

because full moons tend to convey news quickly and bring conclusions as well as beginnings and endings.

On May 30, there will be a sweet new moon in Gemini (not an eclipse). May isn't over yet!


There will be opportunities that arise when you least expect them and things will get clarified for you in the coming month.

There are many things to discuss: two eclipses, plus one new moon, Jupiter's monumental move, Mars into a new sign, and more. 

On April 30, we need to look at an eclipse in Taurus 10 degrees, which illuminated your eleventh house of friendship one day before the start of May.

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