J Lo's former personal trainer gave me one month

Among all the #fitfluencers and at-home workout plans promising a contoured bum

it can be difficult to discover a bum workout that is both simple and effective.

Keeping up with the workout regimen of your favorite celeb won't get you that celebrity body

but taking a few cues from those who train with the best trainers is a good start.

I am here with Jennifer Lopez. Despite her rock-hard core, dancing legs, and guns of steel

even seasoned squatters would envy Jenny from the block's buns. J Lo has done her research and, in conjunction with celeb PT Jay Cardiello, she's got her glutes in check.

During the month I followed J Lo's butt routine, I was able to figure out precisely how she keeps her behind so toned.

In not one, not two, but three lockdowns, I perfected the moves for my home workouts,

so I assumed I'd be pretty good at most of the exercises (spoiler alert: I was wrong).

Back pain could be prevented by our posteriors our knees, hips, and lower free of injuries is important because are putting strain on your glutes.

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