According to Stause, she is "having fun" with the 27-year-old nonbinary drummer: "I don't get to choose when I meet you in someone's life."

Georgia Claire Flipo, also known as G Flip, was born in Melbourne, Australia. Her current age is 27.

Red Bull reports that G Flip is able to play guitar, bass, and keys, but their favorite instrument is drums.

G Flip joined the band EMPRA as a drummer when he was 19 years old

After splitting in 2017, G Flip worked on learning the skills he needed to start a solo career, according to ABC.

G Flip revealed they identify as nonbinary in a since-removed Instagram post in June 2021

MTV writes, "I'm still the exact same person, and non-binary is just the best way to describe me, like a gender smoothie."

In 2022, they released a song called ‘GAY 4 ME' that celebrates queerness.

Stause posted a photo of G Flip on Instagram on March 18. She wrote, "Grateful for each of you."

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