Will Smith's first television show is canceled after several movies were cancelled

Deadline reports that Will Smith's stand-up comedy series This Joka has not been renewed for a second season on Roku.

A series acquired from short-form service Quibi was released on the streaming service in March.

In addition to Punkie Johnson and Chris Estrada, the series has several stand-up comics.

It is reported that the decision had nothing to do with the Oscars incident in which Smith smacked comedian Chris Rock on stage

but was rooted in a unique problem with timing.

The series was made by Westbrook Studios and Topgolf Group, according to reports. Roku has never had the option to renew the service.

Roku did not have access to its viewing data before the option to renew expired,

so it is unlikely that the show would have returned for a second season on Roku.

Comedy legends, rising comics, and established comics discussed comedy and its unique capacity to unite people.

According to the streamer, the one-off show was never shot and there are no plans to continue it.


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